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Value of a Puppy

Our Puppies Health Comes First!

All of our puppies come from the Top of the line breeders, which we have personally selected for their knowledge of the individual breeds.

Health Certificate showing up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments.

14 Day Viral Warranty.

1 Year Warranty for Congenital/Hereditary Conditions.

We provide our Puppy for a Lifetime program. We will provide you with a puppy for the rest of your life!! Ask a Pet Counselor for more details.

We have a veterinarian in our store weekly.

Each puppy goes home with a Homecoming Kit!


Puppies for a Lifetime


Puppy for a LifeTime is an exclusive loyalty program available only at Petland.

When you purchase a Petland puppy you are automatically enrolled and your purchases are tracked in our system for you.

Petland will provide you with store credit towards the purchase of another puppy at the time of your pet’s passing. A letter from an accredited veterinarian must be provided and you must have made the required purchases. This program can be used towards a new puppy only and does not cover medications or surgeries of any kind. Petland is not responsible for any medical bills related to your pet’s passing.

Petland believes nutrition is one of the biggest components for a pet to lead a healthy life and who doesn’t love a new toy and treats? This is why the required purchases are for these items. Our pet counselors are trained in all the food brands we carry so as your fur baby grows we can help you with the proper nutrition. A unique selection of toys and treats means your puppy can get a new experience from each trip. And if we don’t have what you are looking, just ask, we have the ability to special order items.

Petland Puppy Package


  • Every Puppy at Petland Wichita West is up to date on their Vaccines, Dewormings, and Preventative Medications
  • Petland puppies have AT LEAST two Certified Veterinarian Exam prior to arrival
  • Every puppy has a signed vet exam for one of the Kansas state licensed veterinary for Companion Animal Hospital
  • Free Initial Exam
  • Receive a $75 Petland gift certificate when Companion Animal Hospital performs the Spay/Neuter

Petland Extended Protection Program** Includes:

  • Life Time Training Which Includes Online Videos and Access to Dog Star’s Behavioral Specialist
  • Lifetime Microchip Registration.
  • National Registered Microchip Database.
  • Complimentary 30 Day AKC Insurance.
  • AKC registration or Canine Partners listing.
  • Puppy For A Lifetime Program.


All of Our Puppy Homecoming Kits are Designed with Puppy Training in mind and features:

  • Housebreaking Kennel with Divider or Loft
  • Enzyme Stain & Oder Eliminator 
  • Housebreaking Attractant
  • Different Texture Teething Toys
  • Teething Deterrent
  • Puppy Shampoo & MORE!

Access to Online Videos, and Access to Unlimited Lifetime Support Through Dogstar’s Call Center


  • 14 Day Viral Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty for Congenital/Hereditary Conditions
  • Free Initial Vet Exam with Companion Animal Hospital
  • $75 Gift Certificate when You Spay/Neuter at Companion Animal Hospital
  • 30 Day Complimentary AKC Insurance
  • Petland Enhanced Protection Protection



Social Support

Anytime you need help or have a question don’t hesitate to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also we have helpfully videos on our social pages to maybe help you with weather or seasonal changes.